Lets Focus our Firefox57 (Photon) release

(Viswaprasath) #1

Dear All Contributors,

We know Firefox 57 is on its way. November 2017 the release is going to happen it is very important, we have to make sure we are actively contributing for release. Some of the areas where we need more contribution are listed below.

Quality Assurance

Every day lot of bugs are fixed and these have to be tested again and again, it will be easier to test only when we use Firefox Nightly as our primary browser ( I dont find any crashes often, but happens very rarely ). We can easily contribute by participating in Test days. The more contributors we have for this area it will be easier for Mozilla to ship Firefox 57 properly.

There is an activate event for this check https://activate.mozilla.community/nightly/
And make sure you join our community telegram group https://t.me/MozIndia_QA

Firefox Test Pilot

Customizing our browser is awesome one. Firefox Test pilot is a series of experiments which are published as Add-ons and are made as features in Firefox in future after testing. Recently activity stream got merged as feature in Firefox Nightly while it was Test Pilot add-on till last month. Expecting more marketing and testing of this Experiments similar to testing Firefox.

Join our Telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/EHPPQ0Rozyv-oTNs6SIsNA

From Firefox 57 the add-ons should be developed using Javascript based API. We need to have more Add-ons developed for Firefox (or chrome or Opera or Edge).

There is an activate event related to this https://activate.mozilla.community/webextensions/
Actively we are discussing about this in telegram, interested please join T.me/addonsindia

I am personally conducting event related to Extension development, if you are interested please join learn more at http://iamvp7.in/WebExtension-IRC-Learning/

Also personally welcoming contributors for localizing training videos used in the Extension learning session.

Some of the Contributors I know who are already involved with who you can contact to know in detail about tasks available already.

QA & FxTestPilot
Prasanth & Madhuri + others


Note: Please share all your conversation happening at MozCoffee or other events related to above three areas in community india mailing list (community-india community-india@lists.mozilla.org) . We all can know and learn

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