Let's Upgrade Some Vocabulary Usage

I have this very interesting screen grab of my receiving a badge for doing an edit. To be honest, editing is a kind of community responsibility and shouldn’t be earning any badge, but that is a different subject, sorry.

What my point here, is this wording:

<> <> <> Copy Starts <> <> <>

“… While you won’t be able to edit your posts forever, …”

<> <> <> Copy Ends <> <> <>

That really should be changed to whatever the actual timestamp might be.

Won’t be able to edit your posts after one hour/one day/whatever.

The reason I propose that change is because the first thing that entered my mind (weird as it is) was that I would lose my editing privileges altogether for all posts at some point in the future. Like I would never be able to edit anything at some point in the future.

But you are just referring to the editing tool shutting off for the one post, right?

Might be a good idea to phrase it that way.

Of course, I am weird and maybe I’m the only one that is thinking this way.

Just like a second ago it hit me that maybe the software could recognize a writer that was so good he/she/it never made any mistakes and did not need the editing tool, thus the software gave special status to that writer and “forever” it is removed from that writer’s toolbox.

Yes, that’s too weird.

Nope, back to the idea that if you are referring to a timestamp for how long the tool is available for a given post, maybe you could use that style so as not to scare us weird ones.

Thank you for your patience.

The edit time window is configurable

This fact makes a hard edit undesirable and I’m not certain every forum would want to make the exact time known.

However, if there is confusion regarding the meaning of “posts not forever” to be “any given post” vs “posts in general” I would be interested in suggestions for a succinct alternative.

Okey-dokey, I can see the problem there.

Maybe the adverb ‘eventually’ could be useful.

While you eventually won’t be able to edit your post …

And change that to the singular form, ‘post’.

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Are we talking about a message on SUMO (support.mozilla.org), or Discourse (this forum)?

I believe it’s the Discourse Editor Badge copy.


Let me show you:ThatBadgeThing