Limited validation rights for contributors in CV website needed?


I filed a request on github for this.

What is the opinion on this?

I fail to understand the rationale behind this suggestion. Did you encounter many spammers who record in languages completely unknown to them?

For example, my first foreign language was German, but I’m a bit (lot) rusty. Whenever I have time I want to add German and start to validate to get rid of this rust. Afterward, I can record.

In case of foreign language speakers, CV wants to record their voices.


Link was broken, thanks for re-posting!

After some time recording the contributor may starts validating sentences.
The proposal was for newbies, non native speakers with very basic skills, and yes, trolling could also be a reason.
The " rationale" could be: A selected time perpiod in which the contributor can prove, that his results (clip contributing and validation) are useful for the corpus also affecting later training the model(s).

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Two major deal-breakers for this or similar feature:

  1. The CV database does not keep statistics about user behavior.
  2. You can even contribute without registering.

Similar changes were discussed here:

Could a possible midlde ground for this be that CV keeps track of how big percentage of validations from a user is also validated (either yes/no) by other users who has alot of recorded clips?