Links Assmnt: problem w blue-whale.jpg and narwhal.jpg links

hello helpful Moz folks :heart:
i’ve tried absolute path as well as relative path with and without the preceding slash. can’t get blue-whale.jpg or narwhal.jpg links working :frowning:
i greatly appreciate all assistance. site is mobile friendly :+1:t3:
Ty, Lester

Hello @LesterLG

your code for the blue-whale and narwhal is correct maybe the issue is where you save this image on the server

right click the image on your page then copy the link location then check if that the location where you saved your image there or not

for the google image it should be

as the image search is on subdirectory of the main page

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hello JustSomeone (kind <3),

the whale image problem was permissions on the server which i fixed :partying_face:

i’m unclear about the google image link and don’t understand the point of the lesson.

can you please direct me to the MOZ page where this is covered?

thank you so much! :pray:

well done and you very welcome

not sure which the topic cover this but when you learn to build multi page site and work with servers you will learn that and i will let you know it i find that topic