Links to third-party libraries were provided for new extension version, but still didn't pass review

I’m the developer of Clippings, which has a Recommended Extension badge, and recently uploaded version 6.5 to Mozilla Add-ons for review.

Since my extension uses third-party libraries (jQuery, Dexie, and others), I’ve provided links to the original copies of the libraries under the “Notes to Reviewer” section for this version, as I’ve done with all past versions. I’ve carefully followed the instructions given in the Firefox Extension Workshop,, and have had no issues with previous versions of my extension being approved – until now.

The new version was rejected because the links to the third-party libraries were allegedly not included, according to the reviewer. But they are!

The rejection reason appears to be boilerplate text sent to those that neglected to include links to third-party add-ons in their submissions. Either the reviewer overlooked the third-party library links I provided in the “Notes to Reviewer” section, or they are new and weren’t properly trained in the add-on review process.

I replied to the reviewer, pointing out that the links to the third-party libraries are given in the “Notes to Reviewer” section, and even provided them again in my reply – but there has been no action since.

As a result of this rejection, my extension is apparently scheduled to be disabled in 14 days. I’d like someone overseeing the Mozilla Add-ons review team to step in and ensure that the review of the new version of my extension is completed correctly. It is unfair that the time and effort I put into compiling the links to third-party libraries in accordance to instructions leads to the threat of my extension being banned because the reviewer chose to ignore it.

Thanks in advance.

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This has been resolved - I’ve raised this issue on Matrix and my extension version has been reviewed and approved.

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