Listfont 68.0b4 (32-bit)

It would be helpful to be able to adjust the font size of the Inbox and other lists in 68.0b4 (32-bit)

Tried: Options > options > Display > Fonts and Colors : incr to 12pt NOGO

Tried creation of userChrome.css with following content NOGO



  • Make all the default font sizes 11 pt:
  • { font-size: 11pt !important; }

I think before the font declaration you need this line:

#threadTree >treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text

Very nice. Thanks for your help. That actually did spread the line items out a bit, but didn’t seem to enlarge the characters to what I perceive are 12pt or (testing) larger. They seem more like 10p or below.

Maybe specify a font-family that scales better; it’s commented out in the referenced page, /asterisk…/asterisk.