Lite experiance but still count and feedback

Hello everyone

hope that everything is going fine with all of you

i would like thanks mozilla for their tutorial and help and hope things get better and all who lost their job to get back and after that it could be nice if they come and work on turn those tutorial to something like complete refrence so it take student from the beginner level to the expert one

i like to say i was surprised that i saw some people who take course in different website come and ask for help here and the more interesting that mozilla did not complain about that that was awesome

thanks for everyone for everything

thanks also for everyone who shared his/her code or issue i learned a lot from that

here are a few tips

  1. if you ask for help or assessmentit would be easier for other people to help you if you shared your code in or,output or or or and also share the link that has the task you asking for

  2. do not be shy we all make tons of errors and even silly one :wink:

  3. it would be nice that in the subject you write if you need help cause you have issue or stuck with something or you just need general assessment and that everything working

  4. if you offer help or assessment try to fix their code not make them think as you do cause there many ways to achieve the same result and i learned a lot from people code

  5. be nice despite the error you found on other people code and if you think someone did huge error explain nicely and do not lie to yourself we all make those silly error and we learn from our mistake more than from our success and helping will help you get experience to debug code and learning new way to solve same task maybe the task is not huge one but it still a counted experience

  6. no problem if after you fix the other person code you share your code with him/her

  7. for anyone interesting in js framework are ui component for Angular and React and Vue all free and they offer free themes i think 2 or 3 and other paid one

  8. try to use IDE it will be better to detect syntax error and even speed you coding there many free and paid one last is paid one but has free copy with limited functionality

  9. you can use text editor instead of IDE
    it will be lighter than IDE but keep in mind that to make your target to go for IDE

  10. it will be hard to coding on mobile or tablet so it better to use laptop/desktop

  11. if you can return the favor back then do it
    i do not mean only mozilla but every app tool service you used you can return the favor you can return it by many way donation by your money/time/using thier beta app and test it / let other know about it who know maybe one of the people you invited can donate with money to them

  12. you can cut a little of your time specially after you finished your learning trip to comeback here and help people who stuck and also share you experience and if their best practice let us say 1 hour per week not much but the more people involve the more will get better

  13. feel free to correct me and advice me and give me tips all are welcomed :slight_smile:

  14. if there are any tool/service that can help us then please share it

check those tips also

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for sharing these tips, @justsomeone! Iā€™d like to give a +1 to all of these.

The one comment Iā€™d like to make is about framework courses. We recently added these:


2 Likes offer 10 day free trail full access in case if anyone want to read books there

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

if you want to work as free lancer check this one

this is not the best and there are many site like that but you can say i just mention the possibility and you can search for many available option out there

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

if anyone looking for studying abroad check this
it has scholar ship from around the world just search for the topic you like and it will give you the university that offer it and read the details some scholar include free transportation and some even offer pocket money

by the way it does not include all the scholar ship so if you did not find what you like then use any search engine

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

check this website also
it has many tutorial from many sources for many topic for web developer

hope it help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello everyone

it recommended for everyone to read book or learn about design patterns
it would help you to design and build a good reusable code

check this one

and of course there many books and tutorials about design patterens

hope that help and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

Hello everyone
hope that everything going fine with all of you
check this one if you going to use regular exeperetion

it will help you to test your regex and see if it work as you expect or not

do not forget to choose the flavor as there some difference between languages so choose ECMAScript (JavaScript) for js

hope that help and have a nice day