Local Library Tutorial

Dear MDN community,

I am developing a web server on the footsteps of the MDN Local Library tutorial, which I found quite exhaustive, complete and easy to follow even for a newbie like me.

However, I have a conceptual issue that I am not able to address in any way.
Before explaining it, I want to apologise if I posed the question in a wrong way or format, if I misused the tag system or any other defects that my question can have.

Now, here is my question:
Following the schema of the Local Library example: is there any way to show, on the author page, a section with clickable links of all the books that he wrote?

I guess it can be easily done with some html language, but I was’t able to figure out how to do it.

Thank you so much to everyone who will spend some time in reading my question and, hopefully, answer.