Localization help wanted for new changes to AMO!

Hello all! If you are interested in localizing Mozilla projects and have some time to contribute translations this week, we’d love your help with a small project.

When non-Firefox users visit an add-on listing page on addons.mozilla.org, they see a few calls-to-action (CTAs) to download Firefox. Click here for an example.

We’ve made some changes to the text of the CTA and we could use some help updating the localized versions. (We especially could use help with ja, for any Japanese speakers out there. :slight_smile: ) These changes will go live this Thursday at approximately 10am PST.

To contribute localized strings, please go to pontoon.mozilla.org and select the AMO Frontend project. Then, select the LC_MESSAGES/amo.po resource.

The strings we’re interested in are:

  • To use these add-ons, you'll need to %(linkStart)sdownload Firefox%(linkEnd)s,
  • Download Firefox and get the theme
  • Download Firefox and get the extension
  • Download Firefox
  • You'll need Firefox to use this theme
  • You'll need Firefox to use this extension

Thank you so much! :pray: