Log monitoring shows that the Firefox browser has a large number of Failed to fetch dynamically imported module errors


Log monitoring shows that compared to other browsers, the Firefox browser has more Failed to fetch dynamically imported module errors. CDN resources can be accessed normally, but a large number of exceptions occur under Firefox. Is Firefox not supporting dynamic loading of scripts or is there a problem with importShim?

in Script executed:

       HTMLScriptElement.supports && HTMLScriptElement.supports("importmap") ? import("https://cdn.dancf.com/gdesign/view/prod/launcher/client/_e-0767485d.js") : document.head.appendChild(Object.assign(document.createElement("script"), {
           src: "https://esm.dancf.com/npm:es-module-shims@1.8.0/dist/es-module-shims.js",
           crossorigin: "anonymous",
           async: !0,
           onload() {

Error exception information:

TypeError: Failed to fetch dynamically imported module: https://cdn.dancf.com/gdesign/view/prod/launcher/client/_e-0767485d.js

Monitoring information shows that the number of this error in Firefox 118.0 version is 9689, affecting 3523 users.