Login difficulties

Since the new login experience there are several sites that I am unable to access on first login attempt.

I get a “Wrong email or password” notification when entering my LDAP but then when i naviagte back the page successfully logs me in with an “Attempting auto-login with Mozilla-LDAP” notification. This occurs on the second or third attempt depending on the page.

As of yet I am unabel to log in to Greenhouse at all.

Same issue here. Login experience needs a way of resetting back to an email login.

Also buggy for me. The only method that works is login with Firefox account. Other ways give an error. Why were they implemented in first place?

@developer11: In Mozilla IAM, we force users to use their most secure login method, for example if you have logged in using email and using Firefox Accounts, we regard Firefox Accounts as safer and will force that method.

So: the methods exist because they can be used, but you will be automatically forced to use your most secure method.

Yes I experienced this…
As of things bolden by me:: how come these two phrases co-exist in one sentence? If you force users to use one methon, its clear that the other method is not allowed (there even is nice error msg stating that)…

So there is no logic in what you said (and I quoted)

PS. And how is login with GH not secure?

It’s not allowed for your account, it is for others’.

It is, but in our current implementation we consider Firefox Accounts more secure. We’re discussing changing this in our next implementation.

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How my accounts is different from other accounts?

We being who? And any due date?

I should say it may be allowed for other people’s accounts, as we force accounts to use the most secure method they’ve ever used with that email address.

The IAM team. I’m not aware of a due date, it’ll be ready when it’s ready, but it’ll be at least a few months, this is a very complicated problem to solve.

Some kind of joke right? Be ready when its ready? Being it one month or 10 years…
Very complicated problem? Excuse me, but whole DCIT phase for IAM is (max) a week. I know it because Ive done it many times.

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Hi @developer11,

thanks for engaging in this thread. While I have to admit that it seems to be aggressive to me, I’d still want to explain a few of the things that seem to cause confusion.

In Mozilla IAM, we have different concepts around “user profiles”. There is a “user profile” with our access provider (Auth0). This user profile lists all identities a person verifies in their Mozillians.org profile.

In my case, this is:


It seems that you do not have a Mozillians.org profile (yet). That’s the reason why you are probably not familiar with this capability.

We are certainly not joking. The closest estimate we have for solving the complex problem of allowing the management of login providers is “maybe 2018, most likely sometime 2019”.

Maybe you can educate me on the meaning of DCIT? I am eager to hear what kind of work you have done in the IAM space.


Hi @vlads777,

Do you still experience any authentication issues? Your profile is set to email authentication.

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