Login error

Hi, whenever I try to log into discourse with my Firefox account (felipekojinakamura@protonmail.com) I get an error “Something went wrong processing your log in, please try again.” even trying to log in with the emails I have without using the Firefox account the same error appears, I’m trying to log in to see the NDA discourse category,


Hi Felipe. I’m Christina, a SRE engineer at Mozilla Corp. & the person to whom your issue got passed. I see 3 different Discourse accounts related to your Mozillians profile, each with a different email. I then see your Mozillians profile redirects from the username in your various Discourse accounts to a different username in Mozillians (people.mozilla.org).

To get started with debugging this, can you confirm for me your intent to have multiple accounts in Discourse linked to 1 renamed profile in Mozilla People Directory?


Hi Christina, thanks for your help, I had a single account before, but I didn’t have access to the NDA, without thinking too much, I ended up creating accounts in the 3 emails I had to see which I would have access to the NDA, sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries, Felipe - people have all kinds of reasons for their account structure. just wanted to check on what you wanted before I started looking at the permissions each account has currently.

To confirm, when you’re in this discourse account you’re currently responding from, that account is still giving you the error you shared above when getting to NDA content?

The account I’m in at the moment I created it by GitHub, in it I don’t have access to the NDA category.