Login via email doesn't work

  • I go to voice.mozilla.org
  • click on “login”
    (1)- insert my email and click “login”
  • click on “Send verification email”
  • go to my email-client, click on the link
  • system asks me again the email and go to (1), it’s a loop

Can you confirm this issue with other email? I suspect this was working in the past for this email right?

Thanks for reporting!

Before it’s worked.
I confirm this happen also with other email addresses.

Can you file a github issue?

I’ll follow-up with devs. Thanks!

Of course, I will do :smile:

Hi @Sav22999, can you provide a little more detail about your browser and OS when you’re experiencing this problem? I just tried logging in both with a brand new email address and an already-registered email address, and both worked for me. I know Auth0 is really fickle about making sure that you’re opening the verification link in the same browser where you first clicked “login”, so if you’re clicking a link from an email client it’s possible it’s opening it in something else instead. This is especially common on mobile. Does the problem persist if you copy and paste the verification link instead of clicking the link? Make sure that you don’t click the link at ALL, because those links are a one-time-use only.

Ok, If I copy-paste the link it works. I’m so sorry I’ve opened an issue for bug but it’s not an actual one.
Thanks for support.

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No problem, glad to hear it’s working. I know that workflow is not ideal - we’re aware of it! :slight_smile: