Logo for UK Community

(Tom Farrow) #1

@helios made a logo proposal for us


Unless anybody objects before Wednesday, I’m going to put that up on social media. Sorry for the short notice, want to have something there before MozFest.

We can re-review after MozFest, so leave feedback which I’ll review a week after MozFest :smile:

Also, don’t worry about the lack of issues on that Git repo. Hopefully I’ll have some more details about direction of the UK community/what people envision from MozFest, which means I’ll be able to further build up that repo.

(Spike) #2

Is it a TARDIS tad or a jar of Cooper’s marmalade? :wink:
Just kidding - red telephone box right?

(Tom Farrow) #3

You tell me, I’ll let your imagination run wild with that.

(Leo McArdle) #4

I loved it until somebody pointed out the missing pillar to the bottom left of the dino, and now I can’t unsee it:

Also, I think the one with the straight edges looks more like a red telephone box. The 2nd (larger, and shown above) one, looks like a postbox to me, because of the dinks on the side, and how far down the cutout is.

(Tom Farrow) #5

[quote=“leo, post:4, topic:5039”]
I loved it until somebody pointed out the missing pillar to the bottom left of the dino, and now I can’t unsee it:
[/quote]dammit leo. now I can’t unsee it either.

I’ve added that to the github issue

Same as before

Once we have complete feedback, Elio will make all the changes



I like the idea of having a logo. I must admit that I do not have any graphic design skills or ability, but how about making it a bit more “national”?

The telephone box idea is good, but (personally) it does make it look like Mozilla is “behind bars” and some people may see the design as being a window rather than the iconic K2 telephone box. How about keeping the “mozilla uk” text, but making the pictorial element the Mozilla silhouette, but instead of being single colour, make it a centered Union Flag background?

In that way you have a logo that works with or without an explanatory text line, making it more flexible in use for the future.


Having seen the finished version, I take back what I said. With the telephone box element being taller, it looks more identifiable as the traditional K2 box we all know and, even without the text, it was immediately identifiable what it was about. It feels very UK, but also very Mozilla.

@tad - I will drop you through an idea by email of how this could be used on a wallpaper design.

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