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  • December 19th - 20th (with some kick off on the evening of the 18th)


  • MozLondon



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Hey all!

We had a nice Friday catch up today, around Mesos-Marathon paas infrastructure that the Participation team has been deploying lately. @johngian gave us a nice high-level intro and then we dived in some technical details and Q&A with @tad @tanner and @yousef .

We will be resuming tomorrow morning 10am UTC (on CommunityIT Vidyo room too) with a hands-on session on Dockerizing an App and deploying it on Join us!


Notes from today’s meeting

The morning hack went over, and we ended up going out for lunch, so we are currently 1.5h behind. We’re about to pick back up with the Mozlando recap and goal planning.

Now we’re into the session about how we want to work. This is related to the Meet-up Lead-up topic. We’re also going to talk about what it means to be agile.

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For the scheduled Community Sites session, @tad and I just walked @pierros through the module proposal while others went to try and get Discourse working with Mesosphere.

Happy day 2!

The day started off continuing on hacking from yesterday. We’re trying to get Discourse working on Mesos. This is not just important on its own, it’s the best way for the Community Ops volunteers to learn how to manage Part Infra’s infra.

We’ve just finished having a later lunch, but before lunch we did a bit of goals review and schedule hacking. We identified 3 distinguishable groups:

  • Community Ops - stripped back down to simply the ops services side of things
  • Community Sites (name tbd) - this is broader, we have been providing more than ops support to sites that we host
  • Participation Software Lab - this is a new project, more to come, but this is where our experiments with larger software solutions for the community fit, eg Discourse and Matrix, and also includes similar solutions that Part Infra has been working with

As you can see of course these 3 groups are linked. Community Ops is the name of the group that mentors volunteers on and provides ops contributions to the other two projects.

The rest of the day we’ll be splitting up along these 3 groups to work towards some early goals, including road maps for 2016. All 3 groups should also be thinking about participation opportunities and designing how they will work effectively towards their goals in a way that enables volunteers.

Because of this split we will not be streaming as originally planned. If you have questions let us know here or ping us on IRC.

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