Long line wrapping in Developer tools CSS editor and Debugger code views

Hi all,

I was going to file a Developer Tools feature request on Bugzilla but decided to try posting here first.

The issue in question - source code views in CSS editor and Debugger don’t have an option to enable long line wrapping. Or I can’t find it anywhere.
Yes, there is the view_source.wrap_long_lines option in about:config to wrap long lines in View Source (Ctrl+U) but it doesn’t seem to be used by DevTools to wrap long lines.
Yes, sometimes the “Pretty print source” may be used to make the source readable but that doesn’t help in some cases. For instance, when viewing source code of a minified HTML (index) page in debugger or when viewing minified CSS file in CSS editor.

Similarly, plain text request/response payloads in Network tab are harder to read without long line wrapping, unless the text are detected and displayed as JSON or other structured text format.

Debugger has devtools.debugger.ui.editor-wrapping and I just filed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1590885 to expose it as option in the UI.

Afaik CSS is always prettified in the editor, so this might be less helpful.