Looking for a specific "about:config" values to hide some warnings during development

Specifically, I would like to disable:

  • “Access Your Hidden Tabs”
  • “Your homepage has changed.”
  • “Your new tab has changed.”

This is what it looks like:

Is there some way I can look for these strings in Firefox source code and then somehow find the pref in the about:config page?

If you are addon developer, you may be interested in these preferences I’ve managed to find over the years:

web-ext run 
--firefox="C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox ESR\firefox.exe" 
--start-url about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox 

(when running web-ext, you need to inline all these into one huge line)

I’ve tried to open about:config and show only changed values, then approve all 3 warnings and compare what has changed and there was nothing.
So maybe the warnings are not configurable in about:config?