Looking for the latest Mozilla Assets (Presentation/Posters/Wallpapers)?

(Lucyeoh) #1

Here is the google slide presentation - please make a copy!

Latest posters & wall papers can be found here and a bonus one here.

From Developer Tools to Berlin by way of a desktop background
(Michael Kohler) #2

This is great, thanks for sharing!

Quick question, I always fail doing this. How can I change the “Confidential” on the bottom right of the slides?

(Lucyeoh) #3

Great question! Once you make a copy you should be able to edit it and what I do is to create a little white box and paste it over the confidential word. Then I just copy that slide so I don’t have to do it again and again.

Hacky solutions FTW!

(Michael Kohler) #4

Haha, sure that works. Very hacky indeed. There’s gotta be a better way, there are too many different slides to do it for all of those to not need to copy all the content over but duplicating slides.


To remove Mozilla Confidential from a slide you have created, click the View Menu and select Master. Remove the text box and then click View and select Master again to go back to your slide.




I really appreciate you making this available as it will be so useful for myself and many many Mozilla contributors all over the world. To find yourself giving a presentation, but the only materials available are several years old creates an extra challenge and when making your own you are never sure if you are “on brand”.

Will updated desktop wallpapers be released? The current set (https://assets.mozilla.org/portal/assets/#category/91) are nice but a little off-brand. When a Mozillian steps up to the podium, it would be great if the option to represent the brand fully was available. I believe that a member of the design team made some really good ones for the launch of Quantum, but I have struggled to track them down.

Thank you so much for making this resource available, I really am very, very, grateful.

(Michael Kohler) #7

Yay, of course there is a slide master, should have figured. Thanks!

(Lucyeoh) #8

Hey! I scrounged around the design team and found a few more assets like posters and wallpaper from Quantum. I’m trying to get these links updated in other places but it won’t be speedy sooooo… see above! :smiley: @mkohler @Seburo

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #9

Don’t forget these https://design.firefox.com/photon/visuals/product-identity-assets.html



Using the new Nightly update page and some Nightly Dev tools wizardry, I made this:




I just made this using Nightly Dev tools and the Firefox privacy policy:




I just made this using Nightly Dev tools and the Nightly First Run page:


(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #13

Hey @Seburo these have been ace shares! Thanks for taking the effort to provide links for us. I’m currently using the one you provided back in March. Love a bit of colour in my life.



Using the launch page for the Firefox campaign currently being run in Berlin with the Dev tools in Nightly (why use anything else?!?), I made this:


(Michael Kohler) #15

Here are the wallpapers made out of the Berlin Marketing Campaign materials (done by Marketing, not me):


(Mozinet) #16

What are the conditions for reuse?

(Michael Kohler) #17

I’ve asked regarding the Berlin campaign material, you can share it and also use it for community use.


Like listening to the IRL podcast? So do I!

So I made this:



Just made this:



To celebrate the launch of Firefox Reality: