LookOut-fix-version no longer receiving company backed support

A while back I asked for new maintainers for the TNEF parser plugin “Lookout (Fix Version)” due to less work allotted time to support it. Now unfortunately my company has switched back to Outlook from Thunderbird and so I now really only have my free time to do support.

Again if anyone wishes to pick up the support here is the Github that I’ll actively be monitoring: https://github.com/TB-throwback/LookOut-fix-version

The issue calling for new maintainers: https://github.com/TB-throwback/LookOut-fix-version/issues/65

What needs doing:

Continue porting to MailExtension. The plugin uses the Experiment wrapper API to add basic support for Thunderbird 78 however the plugin is broadly unchanged internally and needs to be converted to use the MailExtension API’s.

  • True lightning integration (this was a very hacky solution).

  • Files cannot be drag and dropped from Thunderbird to the desktop.

  • Decoded files are not used when forwarding an email message.

  • The html body in modern TNEF emails isn’t displayed and only shown as an attachment.

I know that proper integration for decoding TNEF emails was added to the roadmap for this year however it looks like this is being pushed back to TB 91+ https://developer.thunderbird.net/planning/roadmap-1#investigate-microsoft-tnef-support-tb-2022

Also see the Tracked bug here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=77811

I wish I was still able to use Thunderbird for my day to day work. Thank you to anyone who has provided help with this plugin and I look forward to someone taking this up in the future.