Low bandwidth connectivity

Community Question: Common Voice Platform and Low bandwidth connectivity

In our community members 1 to 1s, we have heard of some of your experiences of using the common voice platform in areas of low bandwidth connectivity. We want to understand how widespread this experience is.

Have you struggled to use the common voice platform in low bandwidth areas?

What solutions have you taken to mobilise in areas with low-bandwith?

Please share your experiences within the topic.


I was at a Chuvash language and culture summer camp a couple of years ago on the Volga, just after Chuvash had been added to Common Voice. There was really spotty internet in the campsite, so we got everyone together around a building where the internet wasn’t too bad and recorded together there. This was not ideal as people could probably be heard on each other’s recordings, but it was the only solution without offline functionality or without better internet access.

من voici را به زبان انگلیسی متوجه نمیشوم. پیام را میتوانم بفهمم چون وفت میگذارم و معنی میکنم اما صدا و صحبت به زبان انگلسی را درست متوجه نمیشم و بعضی حرف ها را نمیتوانم به زبان فارسی معنی کنم:sleepy::disappointed_relieved::cry::pray::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::tulip:

با تشکر از سوالات شما. من از یک مترجم خودکار برای تایپ این مورد استفاده می کنم. با استفاده از این پیوند می توانید به زبان فارسی مشارکت کنید: https://commonvoice.mozilla.org/fa/speak. در حال حاضر معیارهای دقت به فارسی ترجمه نشده است. اگر بازخوردی در رابطه با معیارها دارید ، لطفاً از این موضوع برای به اشتراک گذاشتن افکار خود استفاده کنید: Discussion of new guidelines for recording validation

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Thanks for your questions. I am using an automated translator to type this. You could contribute in Persian by using this link: https://commonvoice.mozilla.org/fa/speak . Currently, the accuracy criteria have not been translated into Persian. If you have feedback on the relevancy of the criteria, please use this thread to share your thoughts: Discussion of new guidelines for recording validation

Hi! I want to say that the unofficial app of Common Voice (“CV Project app”) permits to use the app also when there isn’t an Internet connection and in a future (in some months probably) we should add the “upload wifi only mode”.

This is a good alternative to contribute to Common Voice using low bandwidth (or nothing bandwidth at all) :smile:
I hope this could be useful to some users who want to contribute to the amazing project which is Common Voice!


Possible solution for areas with low bandwith connectivity:

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There is also IPFS for storage in such cases. :slight_smile: