Mail synchronization & transfer processes

20+ year IT Analyst, Y2K vet, jack of all trades, and brand new “contributor” here.

In my daily work, i often find myself moving a customer’s mail from one provider’s storage to another provider’s server using Thunderbird as the conduit. In general, i’d say it is by far the best and most reliable tool i’ve used to date, and aside from sub-folders sometimes seeming to trip up the transfer (needs more non-live testing on my part), the only issue i seem to have is cases where a transfer of anywhere from a few emails up to10k-30k can get interrupted with the end result being the objects that did transfer not being deleted from the original location, and that can get messy. If i interpret reported behavior correctly, TB is opening a connection, then copying the entire batch in segments that seem to be grouped by elements (header, message), and often seems to perform an operation twice, or maybe not truly batch all that was selected (again, more non-live testing required). Long story short, if i’m correct, it might make the process better (while keeping db connection open), by completing each mail (header, message, attachments), both copy and delete from original location individually, before processing the next message. Then, when interruptions occur, users wouldn’t be left with a mess trying to discern what completed and what did not. Just a thought, and i hope i articulated it well enough. Thanks in advance.

  • Nick