Mailmerge plugin don't work anymore after update Thunderbird 91.3.0

Hello everyone,

I have a problem, I use the Mailmerge plugin every day. However, my Thunderbird has been automatically updated to 91.3.0. Now this plugin no longer works.

Several people with this problem and what can I do now?

Best regards, Thomas

Hi, I was working with Mail Merge for over 10 years. Then last month my Thunderbird 101.0.1 lost it. I tried downloading the latest TB but no Mail Merge came. Now with 102.0.2 (64-bit) I do have MM, up in the right hand corner. BUT, it gives me a click to a strange Excel format to put in addresses. I have maybe 8 address books for Mail Merge still visible in this new version of TB. I cannot use these lists. And to copy them I tried without success. The copy has names and emails and a letter of the addressee’s name. NOT workable. And to reconstruct all my address books??? Help!

You should contact the developer Alexander Bergmann