Make a Speaker Suggestion

Each month, we invite one guest speaker to one of our spaces. Speakers will share interesting stories, insights and ideas on topics that align with our short-term priorities (typically themes from our Work Weeks).

The primary goal of these events is to entice Mozillians to come together, physically where possible, to share an experience, a pastry and to cultivate discussion, innovation and connection. We’re looking for speakers who have something interesting to share on the broad themes of: user-centered thinking, validated learning, amazing execution, and extraordinary collaboration.

These areas will help us work towards our 5 Top Line Guidance areas for mozilla’s 2016 planning process:

  • Build for Quality
  • Invite Participation
  • Be Clear Compelling and Focused
  • Grow our Influence
  • Prototype the Future

When making a recommendation, please think broadly about the themes, even beyond the tech sector. Bonus points if the speaker is or has a track record of being hands-on (vs. coming from academia, for example). We will typically ask guests to speak for free and to make their talks open to our community.

Please share your contact info so we can follow up with any questions.

Whom should we invite?

Pro tip: tell us if you know the speaker personally, have heard him/her speak, what
hands-on experience s/he has in this area, and what change s/he might drive e.g. innovation, inspiration, motivation, collaboration, improved processes, etc. and why s/he will have broad appeal across Mozilla.