Make demo pages discoverable in Pontoon

I’ve recently been translating whatsnew_63.lang and it occured to me that there’s no way to discover the demo page directly in Pontoon. I need to visit the Web Dashboard and click on “Original English source file” to see the file on Github.

I believe it would be useful to be able to directly access demo pages via Pontoon.

I guess this would magically work if we would show the file notes at all. Then they’d be linkified like any other URL in a comment.

@selim This is covered by I’m adding in to the list of Q4 goals. Feel free to comment in the bug about if you have any UI ideas!

Note that ATM it might be slightly easier (but still awkward) to get to the link by downloading the file from Pontoon instead of hunting it in the web dashboard.

Idea: no Pontoon pages, except the intro, have a footer. But the intro footer is pretty light, I like it. Could we introduce something similar to other pages (except the translate view of course), where the link to intro could be included?

@mstanke Good idea! Since it’s slightly off-topic, I suggest you file a bug, so that we don’t lose it.