Making better use of discourse

(Akshay) #1

I filed an IT request and now we have “Mozilla India” category as a child of the root and not a subcategory of “communities” category. What this means is that we can now have subcategories inside the /c/india category to organize our topics.

What subcategories do we need?

A “meta” subcategory sounds natural to me.
We could probably have a subcategory for each functional group.

Do you have any other thoughts?

(Viswaprasath) #2

This is really nice to know. Just would like to know will we be creading subcategory based on demograpics ( Eg:- MozillaTN, MozillaPune and so on).

The main reason I am checking this is, People when they come here can know we have sub-communities in our region.

(Mainak R. Chowdhury) #3

Nice work :slight_smile:

I was surprised to see people were not considering Discourse as a legit communication platform in the meta team meeting. I believe we don’t use (/promote) Discourse to it’s fullest potential (/Discourse the way we should do). But this Mozilla India category is a step towards the right direction in my opinion.

(Akshay) #4

I do think, though, that if we go down this route we will have too many sub-categories that beat the idea of categorization.

Also, according to the new structure there can be as many geographic teams as there can be cities where mozillians are. So that’s an uncountable number.

(Michael Downey) #5

Very cool to see the site growing! Having used Discourse in many different organizations, I can say that “excessive sub-category growth” is a real risk. Usually better to not create sub-categories until you have seen that you have enough topics to justify it.

When the time comes to create a new sub-category & move topics there, you probably want to double-check to make sure that content of those topics is truly related to “X in India” and not just topics about X that happen to be posted by people in or around India.

(On a related note, in some ways, it’s unfortunate that this installation of Discourse doesn’t have the tags feature enabled. If managed well, Discourse tags can be a nice additional way to find topics that may cross multiple categories.)