Making shadowy fonts on tabs and toolbar

I’m trying to design a theme which is more readable for my poor eyes. In Mozilla theme market, there is one like it (theme name is mac lion bg). Its fonts have shadowy background and I attached its photo. In Firefox Color application I tried making like that theme but I failed. How can I make fonts with shadowy rendering on tabs like that? Thanks.!

shadow font rendering|690x71

Firefox Color doesn’t currently have the option to have drop shadows on text. I’m unsure whether it ever will but I have mentioned it in the past.

If you go through the Create a Theme Version process and not the Upload Theme submission, it will have a drop shadow. The only problem with that is you can’t customize as much that way.

Thanks for your answer and help. I tried one and ended with drop shadows on fonts. As you say there is no so much options in this method. Firefox engineers can’t implement this method in Firefox Color?

You’re welcome.
My guess is that it can be implemented into Firefox Color, but why it hasn’t, I don’t know. Perhaps there are other things that have priority over that. Honestly, I would like it as an option as well.