Manage event organizer and participant roles on reps portal

Earlier I created a bug: with the intention of crediting fellow awesome reps who contribute significantly to initiatives in the community. The idea was to have the as co-organizers rather than just attendees.

Now I also realize that there are times when FSA and other Mozillians (participation leaders) work with reps like myself to organize an event. Apart from helping them file for a budget or swag, they do everything else. It would be great to add them to the portal as Mozilla’s presence organizers.

Its likely that there are other similar interesting scenerios. We could get to learn a lot more about awesome reps and Mozillians doing great work in the background rather than just the name behind the creation of an event page.

Is this doable? is there any reason why we can’t have it?


+1 @sane
Thanks forr ssubmitting this issue. It’s really needed.

Adding roles needed.

This has been discuss many times in the past. From the very beginning the scope of the Reps portal was mostly to be used as a documentation and accountability platform for Reps, not as a public Mozilla events system. In that sense, what’s important on an event is who is the “owner” on the Reps side. Which Rep vouched for that event in order to ask for budget, swag, etc. I haven’t see any proposal on shifting the scope of the Reps portal to something else that would justify such feature.

PS. Minor note: I also believe this is in the wrong category. It’s not a technical/webdev issue.