Manage Exceptions button for cookies exceptions is not working

Manage Exceptions button for cookies is not working for me since FF88 or 89, don’t remember which version precisely. I click on the button and the dialogue box that would normally appear to set exceptions does not pop up. Moreover it looks like when I click on the button the user interface on that tab freezes for a period. My FF profile is customised. I know if I start with a blank profile the issue goes away. However I would rather try to fix this issue in my current profile. I poked around in about:config but so far have had no success.

Any ideas? I searched google but could not find anything. Also checked bugzilla a while back without success. I am using FF 92.

This forum is not the right place to ask troubleshooting question. If you have a problem with Firefox that you need help with, please ask your question on the Firefox support forum instead. You can also see Get community support for other support resources -


Ok. Feel free to delete the question as I don’t have permission to do it. Anyway, I solved the issue with the help of someone in mozilla support.