Managing (enabling, disabling) user-defined sets of add-ons/extensions

(Graham Perrin) #1

For Firefox

Please, is there anything?

For Chromium and Google Chrome

SimpleExtManager is simple and effective –

– and there’s active development.


In the 1990s, for System 7 and Mac OS we had Apple’s Extensions Manager:



Image sources:

Multiple Addon Deactivator (M.A.D.) was last released in 2012, no longer compatible with Firefox –

– or SeaMonkey (there’s a list of add-ons but check boxes don’t work, and so on):

More recently, Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) for Google Chrome –


not for Firefox and it’s reportedly abandoned (no longer able to work with user-defined groups/sets).

So you are really killing the addon ecosystem now. Congratulations

Have you already tried to install one of these Chromium Extensions via ? It might “just work” due to the similarity of the WebExtensions APIs.

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A good idea, thanks – I used Chrome Store Foxified on a handful of occasions in the past – but I didn’t expect it to work in this case.

SimpleExtManager from Chrome Web Store does not recognise extensions, and can’t create groups, with Firefox:

In the absence of a suitable extensions manager

A combination of five legacy extensions can make things a little more manageable with Firefox 55:

I’d like to decrease the noise:

  1. LEGACY need not be shouted (UPPERCASE), emphasised or so heavily highlighted
  2. never show :information_source: Compatible with multiprocess

– maybe I can hack Add-on Compatibility Reporter to suppress that :information_source: line …

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This extension might have potential:

Simple Add-on Manager

(V00p) #5

Thanks @grahamperrin for this well done report.
I’m still looking for such en extension “toggler” and/or (better) “manager” neither…
A port of SimpleExtManager (Chrome) would be indeed very welcomed…

Have you found something since ?
Firefox is lacking on so many aspect … Have you considered switching browser ?

(Graham Perrin) #6

Sorry, no.



Anyone have suggestions on this topic about a year later? I’ve been looking for over an hour now with no luck.