Manifest theme keys

(Adjagu) #1

I created a theme which makes use of the following manifest.json theme keys:

"theme": {
  "colors": {
    "accentcolor": "#000000",
    "tab_text": [255, 255, 255],
    "textcolor": "#ffffff",
    "toolbar": "#",
    "toolbar_field": "rgba(255, 255, 255, 10%)",
    "toolbar_field_text": "#ffffff",
    "toolbar_text": "#ffffff"
  "images": {
    "headerURL": "img/header/pumpkin-panorama.png"

When I submitted the theme to AMO I noticed that the only manifest.json theme colors keys being used was accentcolor and textcolor.

My question: How do I submit a theme to AMO that uses tab_text, toolbar, toolbar_field, toolbar_field_text and toolbar_text? Without the use of these missing keys the theme from AMO looks completely different than it does locally. I would like to create themes locally that will look the same when shared globally. Is this possible currently?

Theme links: [1] is local, [2] is AMO version.


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(Jorge) #2

AMO doesn’t support those types of theme yet. Support for themes will go live in Q1 next year. For the moment you can only upload lightweight themes, which only support those 2 properties.

(Adjagu) #3

Thank you for your response and clarification @jorgev.