Manifest V3 Issue

Hello Team,
I have updated my add-on to V3 and after updating users can only see the option of “Download the new Firefox and get the extension” and even after updating Firefox it shows the same. There is no button showing “Add to Firefox” from the time I updated my add-on. Please help me to fix it and also advise if i will remove the strict min version from manifest it will work or not? How can it be available on all Firefox browser versions?

I may be entirely wrong, but I believe Manifest V3 add-ons are only available for Firefox Nightly at the moment. According to the AMO blog, it won’t be available for the regular Firefox release until January 17.

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Yes, MV3 requires Firefox 109+.
Ff109 is currently in beta. I believe you should be able to install your extension via AMO if you are using Firefox Developer Edition (which is based on current Firefox Beta):