Manjaro kde FIREFOX 85 IS TOO BIG VISUALLY - Not in proportion to rest of desktop 4k

I am using KDE integration extension. But I have disabled it in hopes that was the problem, but it’s not… Ever since the latest Manjaro 20.2 and KDE 5.2 Firefox 85 is WAY TOO OUTSIZED in its represention on my 3920 x 2560 screen. EVERYTHING Else is right-sized ( as in, small and fine ) but Firefox looks like it did when i first used Windows XP on a monitor.

It looks just fine ( v. 85 ) on Fedora 33, Slack, Q4os and Ubuntu. Only on Manjaro is there an issue.

I have tried several toggles on/off of various add-ons and extensions in the hopes this would resolve. But no luck.

Any suggestions?

Sorry if this is not the right portal for this issue. I am new to the Commumity Portals, even though I have been using Firefox and Thunderbird FAITHFULLY for 20 years now.

Thanks – Andrew Tipton

Hi Andrew

I think you may be better served by asking our dedicated support team at:

When you ask there, it will help the team if you can clarify if you are using a distro copy of Firefox or one that you have installed yourself from an official Mozilla site.