Mark Junk read not working

I added the “Mark Junk Read 1.04” by Alex Cabal to my Thunderbird 26.0, but it does not seem to be working.

I am particularly interested in a Hotmail account (Hotmail if horrible with their junk mail handling.)

Any ideas?

Thanks, Mark.

  1. This Discourse is for questions about developing add-ons, not
    for questions about using them. Go to
    for Thunderbird end user support. Or you could try contacting the
    maintainer of the add-on (see ),
    though before doing that I’d first address point 2 below if I were

    1. There was never a production Thunderbird release number 26, so
      I’m not sure which version of TB you’re using, but it’s highly
      unlikely that it’s actually 26, and if it is, you really should
      stop using it since it’s a beta release that has been obsolete and
      unsupported for six years.

Thanks, Jonathan, Ill go there and do.

So there are two places to discuss add-on development?

Here and Topicbox.

Any others? GitHub maybe?

I raised this duplication on Topicbox, some months ago:

Topicbox is now more dominant than when I posted that.

I think this duplication is a bad thing.
I would like to suggest that someone from the TB team (maybe Ryan Sipes, Community and Business Development Manager) makes a clear decision which forum should be the one and only …
(If it turns out that is more suitable, this forum should be closed respectively everyone should be redirected from here to Topicbox.)

Yes, I find it confusing to have more then one place to try to get help.

If there is duplication, then fewer people will see our questions, and we will get less help.

It shouldn’t be hard to migrate topics from one forum to the other then redirect any querys to the old forum to the new (with an alert of course.).


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