Massive ban of our extensions because of minor warning.

(Gavriloff Genady) #1

We are the team of FireFox extension developers.
Totally we have 25810 daily active users according Firefox stats
35 extensions
Average rating 4 stars
We never had any reviews/complaints saying that our extensions have viruses, spying, or something like that from users. And we never do it.
We always react and fix any complaints from AMO reviewers.

Recently, we’ve received massive same-text minor warnings from AMO reviewer Andreas Wagner at one day. Same day, all our extensions were disabled. In result, “for constant violation” all of our accounts were also banned.
We never obfuscate or hide any logic of all of our extensions. It is a first time ever, when we receive exactly those warnings.

We don’t have any ideas whom to write about this situation . We wrote to and AGAIN Andreas Wagner were. He insists that we are some bad guys who constantly violates rules.
"you submitted the same code in different add-ons even after we had rejected your add-ons previously"
It is not true, because it happened in one day, and we did not attempt to republish extensions without fixing those 4 warnings. We never do like that. Now we have NO option recover and fix issues and re-submit extensions. We’ve received warnings before and we’ve fixed them all. It is normal process.

Those extensions have rating and user base. It is important to continue those extensions on same accounts, because it effects on further installs. We were working on increasing our user base several years.
Everything was disabled and banned at once.

Who can help, whom should I write and were?
We still believe that it was terrible mistake, and reviewers will give chance to fix warning and republish extensions on same accounts.

Somebody help :frowning:

(Jorge) #2

amo-admins is the right list for that discussion. I don’t know which add-ons you’re referring to, but you can reply on that discussion thread and we’ll try to help you there. However, I doubt your add-ons were disabled for no good reason.

(Gavriloff Genady) #3

Ok, I’ve sent respond in same thread to amo-admins a minute ago