Mastodon meet - March 6

Mastodon: decentralised, distributed, federated, Open Source micro-blogging platform. Wikipedia entry.

Mastodon now has over ONE MILLION accounts (1st December 2017). Twitter was worth upwards of $150M at that same stage. But Mastodon has a strict no advertising policy, and many instances are tight on issues social issues racism, diversity, inclusion, hate speech etc.

Significant pockets of users can be found especially in non-English speaking areas, France the largest active pocket of users found in Europe. There are currently 3,000+ individual instances connecting to this ActivityPub enabled network. Instances of note as diverse as: Art, Dataviz, Science, Infosec, Co-ops, LGBT, Furries, Bots, Pirates etc. etc.

Couple of talks and a very open plan discussion about this increasingly popular, innovative platform.

This is the 2nd meet for the London Mastodon community, this time hosted in the Mozilla London office. If you and I were connected on Twitter, this is where I went to next.

Sign up to the event. Get an account at Mastodon. Looking at getting remote access up and running too.

(Watch this space for upcoming events from London Privacy Lab, Safe Network, and Manna)

Nice article on ActivityPub, from a Diaspora perspective. (via

EDIT: yeah it even slates W3C. “Nice” redacted haha.

WebExtensions FTW (via