MCWS at MozLondon

This is the master topic for our sessions and discussions at #mozlondon.

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##Goals for MozLondon##

  • Finish reaching out to communities to document ownership - this is our MVP, we must get this done
  • We need to define a regular communication method for checking in with Community Ops and the items that check-in should cover
  • Hosting Migration What’s the status? Is the plan changing?
  • Module governance, what is our scope, can/how do we include communities that we don’t provide resources for? (context of documenting ownership and communication methods)
  • How to handle conflict, esp over ownership
  • Google Apps Training - Brief Anup and Stefan, how to admin google apps
  • User Research - What do we need to know to better serve communities? How do we find it out?
  • Unused Resources - How to define them, what to do with them.
  • Insight training- How to use Insight for documenting allocation of resources
  • Document everything - Put more info about us on the wiki, document everything we’ve accomplished in London while in London
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Today we reviewed our goals, and we got links for all of the ownership bugs added to the Documenting Ownership thread. We have a couple more bugs to file. We’re also trying to figure out if we can use a better approach than manually collecting names of community members from Mozillians. If we can’t, then contacting community members will be what we work on until that’s done. Hopefully though we can automate it, and we’ll move on to governance and policy discussions and documentation.

Yesterday we figured out our plan for continuing the ownership documentation. We’ll be contacting communities in waves, starting today. We’ll start with the communities that have fewer results on Mozillians and hopefully we can use the Mozillians API to contact larger communities in a few weeks.

We also want to do a bit of an info push while we’re here to make sure people know we exist and to watch this forum.