MDN Changelog 2018

(Jwhitlock) #1

A new year is a good time to make changes, so the Kuma Report is becoming the MDN Changelog. This reflects the fact that Kuma is no longer the center of development on MDN. We’re well into a phase where the MDN data will will get more attention than the platform that stores it. Initiatives like the browser-compat-data project will be where most of the interesting stuff for MDN users happens this year.

Another change is that I’ll post new MDN Changelogs to this thread for the year. There’s not enough discussion to deserve a new thread every time.

January 2018

Here’s what happened in January to the code, data, and tools that support MDN Web Docs:

Here’s the plan for February:

Read the full report on the MozMEAO Blog

(Janet Swisher) #2