MDN learning Discord Server **unofficial**


I have setup an unofficial, non affiliated discord server to build up a network of study cohorts to help promote a collabroative learning enviroment.

We each dont know everything, but we all know something. Using this along with not knowing something, only means you dont YET know it. My intention is to foster great learning experiences and make the lonely isolation of self-learning more tolerable, by having fellow students to connect and communicate off school grounds

The link to the server is here: MDN Learning Den.
You are all welcome to join.

Kind Regards



I noticed that you havent clicked the link.

It doesnt bite. In fact I really want to grow this community and I have the support of one MDN guru, (not in any offical capacity but still amazing to have onboard). Its free, and welcoming, to everyone learning through MDN.

Please join the community, together we can learn and get better


If it’s something useful then why not make it official?
What is the difference between the discord channel and this forum?

Ah sorry about the late reply, PC broke :sweat_smile:

Good point, difference is Im trying to get a small commuity of students together, that way if one is needing help they can get support from others in the den.
Ideally, if you have it on in the background as you study would help in the engagement on in the den. Share your work, your projects, ideas, code that you are stuck on.
This forum is just that its a forum of questions and threads, lets get a coversation going is all I’m looking to do.
As to why its not offical is for many reasons, since its a community effort it doesnt seek the offical endorsement from MDN, nor will it. It doesnt need to.

Come join and lets build a commuinty of growing developers…