"Meal-price" educational extension

Hi, guys!

I was wondering if you know of any A. existing open-source extension that might have similar functionality as this extension I’m going to describe - B. An add-on for Firefox that would either replace or show below the price of online items the number of meals (for the poorest) that that price could buy. The price of a meal is around $0.80. Say you’re seeing a pair of sneakers online costing $60, you’re shown that that money could pay for 75 meals. If you’ve already got a pair or two and you would only buy by impulse, you might think twice and reconsider buying that pair of sneakers. I was thinking if such A. extension exists, I could perhaps use it to make the B. extension with few modifications. I note that I know very little about programming; so, any other help to make this extension a reality is more than welcome!

Thanks for your attention!

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Cool idea. Currency and metric/imperial converters come to mind; for example:

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