'Medir porção da página'

Hoje estava usando a opção de régua que vem na consola e ao medir algo até ao scroll, a caixa com as medidas aparece sempre à direita então não me aparecia a media.
Podem resolver esse problema?
Obrigado e cumprimentos,

Ola Francisco,

I don’t think I understand everything, could you paste a screenshot of the issue you’re seeing? (and if you can, write in english)?

I think you’re talking about the rulers and that they appear on the right, but they do appear at the top and on the left, so I’m a bit confused.


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Sorry I saw placeholder in portuguese so I wrote that way…
The problem is with the rule in the console, when you use it fom the middle to the scroll bar and with the x300 zoom, the square with the messures are everytime on the right but you can’t see it when you have that zoom.
I think that now you understand the problem without an imagem.
Thanks ,

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okay I think I understand now, it’s not about the rulers but about the “measure” tool.
The popup who show the information about the size is hidden when the page is zoomed in and you measure something on the right side of the page.

I filed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1635703 to take care of this.


Good job. See you next time :grinning: