Meet the new Mozilla People Directory - LDAP contributors

Hey Mozillians,

I’m pleased to follow up on our previous post and announce to you the new Mozilla People Directory ( an integrated, updated replacement of our internal directory, Phonebook, and

We are opening the platform up for all our contributors, and we are doing this in several steps.

If you are a contributor with a volunteer LDAP account, we are happy to open it up to all of you today.

What should I do?

To join the beta please go to and login (by using your volunteer LDAP email).

If you can’t log in and get a permissions error, make sure to log out first using the SSO dashboard, then try to log in again:

Once in, click on ‘My profile’ and update yours. Make sure you choose the visibility levels you’re most comfortable with. Most of the fields default to Staff or Private.

It is possible that you won’t be able to see all the people you know. This is expected behaviour, as fields on staff profiles default to staff-only visibility. So unless the person you’re searching for has manually changed the display levels on some of their fields to include NDA’d contributors, you won’t be able to see them.

How to submit feedback

Please submit all bugs/issues you find to our GitHub repository.

If you have Mozilla Slack access, you can also write us on Slack - #iam

Thanks again for helping us build the broader vision of empowering seamless, secure collaboration between Mozilla staff and contributors to Mozilla projects.

Thank you!

Hermina, on behalf of the IAM Project Team

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