Meeting with Participation Infrastructure


@pierros has suggested this Thursday at 16UTC (12pm EDT/ 9am PDT)

Does this time work for you guys? It’s 1h before our usual triage meeting.

@tanner, @yousef, @mrz, @tad, @logan, @leo, @Kensie, @MichaelaRBrown, @comzeradd

(Michaela R. Brown) #2

Yeah, works for me

(mrz) #3

I have recurring meetings from 8:30a - 11:30a US/Pacific on Thursdays.

This Thursday I’m in US/Central and could do something much earlier.

(Nikos Roussos) #4

Works for me

(Tom Farrow) #5


I have a meeting with my school at 3:15PM about how I’m way too atheist to take religious education at a catholic school, so it depends on how that goes.

(Tanner Filip) #6

This should work for me.

(Pierros Papadeas) #7

So, are we doing this today?


Yes, let’s do it, whoever does/doesn’t make it, it will be a start. Sorry for not replying yesterday.

(Pierros Papadeas) #9

Which medium/channel you want to use?


We usually use vidyo, we have our own room if that suits you? It’s in the topic in #communityit

(Pierros Papadeas) #11

I am trying to wrap up a meeting and wrangle the team too. Might be late :frowning: Should we send a proper invite for all people same time Monday? I know we keep pushing it back and we need to start so many discussions. Terribly sorry.


Late is ok, most of us are around, so whenever you can make it join us?

(Pierros Papadeas) #13

cool will do.