Min browser version for Android extension?

@dotproto My extension is published and compatible with Firefox for Android. In my manifest, I have set the min version to 120. But on the Developer Hub, the min version is set to 121.0a1 and I can’t change it? Is this correct? It means it only works on Nightly for now? Are new uncurated extensions not available yes on stable? If so, when will stable go to 121?

Hey @mvdbos, welcome to the Mozilla Discourse!


Yep, AMO is using version 121.0a1 to temporarily limit the extension to only be available to Firefox Nightly releases on Android.

Correct again. Only recommended extensions and a small number of “preview” extensions can currently be installed on Stable. You can find more info about this in the blog post we shared on Nov. 28th.

Once extensions are generally available on Android on December 14, 2023, AMO will update the compatible version number for extension currently set to 121.0a1 to 120.0 in order to make these extensions available on Stable.

You don’t need to worry about 121. The version number thing you’re seeing right now is just an implementation detail of how we’re preparing for general availability on Dec. 14.

Thanks, clear!

BTW, I did see that blog post but it doesn’t mention the version trick, so I was still confused. :slight_smile: