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Hello there! Here a Linux Mint user :smiley:. I’m have been using thunderbird since 2010. I like it very much. But I’m not comfortable with the fact that there is not a background process that advice you the new mails incoming. I use KDocker to initialize in startup in tray, but I can not minimize when I close the program, I do it automatically and sometimes I forget that I closed it, so I miss the messages. I know that there is a add-on call “Minimize on close” but I’m not comfortable with the fact that it tells you that it can have entirely control of the program and the data that it manages. There is an option to put a background process to notify of new emails or a minimize on close option? Thank you a lot and greetings!!

As long as you download/install an Add-on from ATN ( you can be sure that it is safe.
More info here:

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So… All the addons on ATN are Open Source ¿No? Thank you very much and greetings

Hello Ezee,
I’m not sure if I understand your reply correctly, but it seems that you dislike open source programs. Did you know that Thunderbird itself is an open source program?
If I misunderstood you, please explain.

In fact the opposite. I use a lot of open source programs hahaha (in fact, I use GNU/Linux as my principal OS). I like very much the concept. I was asking if all the addons are open source, or only the thunderbird developers can see it. I thought that the addons of ATN could be proprietary software, being used to Chrome Web Store. I’m sorry if I don’t express myself well, since English is not my principal language. Thank you very much and greetings!!

I’m sorry, then I misunderstood your post - thank you for clarification!
I don’t know if the Add-ons on ATN completley comply with the definition of “Open Source Software”, but in any case you can look at the code. Just download the Add-on, rename the file from .xpi to .zip and then you can inspect the contents.

Ok. Thats great. Thank you very much and greetings!!