Minimum requirements to have a company-internal extension signed?

Hi Mozilla Community!

I worked on an extension to be used by the devs of the company I am working for.

The extension doesn’t do anything that should be considered problematic/abusive, and it does not bring any benefit for any external person.

I just did the bare minimum for a working first beta version, to be temp-loaded via the dev page. Now, to make it available to my collegues, Id like to have it signed.

Question: What exactly is required (in the manifest?) to have the extension accepted?
I expect things like email, ID (?), which is not a problem (still a checklist would be helpful…)
On the more precise side, what about the update URL? Required? This is really an internal dev-only extension, and having an update mechanism available would mean extra hassle to me.

(I posted this question in the hope too reduce work related to the approval process. If the answer is, “just upload what you have, you’ll get a todo list then”, thats also fine of course)


Nothing like that, the manifest needs to contain only “applications/gecko/id” key with some email-like value, it doesn’t have to be working email.
It’s best to see some real-life example:

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