Missing the "images" block in some of my addon product page


In some of my addons “product page” I have a block to edit the IMAGES with the “addon icon” and “screenshots” parts.

But on some other addon product page, this “image” part is missing. I only have :

  • describe addon
  • additional details
  • technical details

Do you know how to get the image block back to add my screenshots and addon icon?

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I’m pretty sure you need a version listed on AMO for these blocks to show up.

Thank you Martin,
Indeed, I think these extensions were created/updated through web-ext…
Thanks a lot for putting me on the track.

I have the same issue: my extension is listed on AMO, but I can’t add an image because there isn’t a block to edit screenshots. Any idea?


It’s likely your extension is not listed on AMO and you need to upload a listed version first.

Thank you Jorge for your reply. This is my extension on AMO. I followed these instructions of the Extension Workshop to upload each version of the extension, but I have never been able to add a screenshot :cry:.

I see the screenshots section on this page. If that’s not working for you, please file an issue.

OK, I managed to upload a screenshot. I was focusing on the “Add icon” button and didn’t notice the “Add screenshot” just below it :sweat_smile:, but I can’t swear it has been always there.
Thank you for your support @jorgev and sorry for my carelessness.

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