MobiDevTools implementation of Eruda 3.0.1

Is there any interaction necessary to enable console.log() method logging of console entries? I’ve a locally hosted webpage on the latest Firefox and Android 14 software that is not displaying logged entries with the extension enabled. TIA.

There could be multiple reasons, for example missing host permission for injecting your content script into the page, see also:

Also, make sure you looking at the correct console, some logs will appear only in specific console windows:

There has also been issues where uncaught exception would not show any error in the “correct” console, but I think these have been fixed. But if you want to be sure, try to wrap your content script into “try/catch” block.

Seemingly, the extension doesn’t require any permissions, and the content scripts (both mine and the extensions) load correctly, logged entries are disabled/missing.

Content script cannot run without host permissions, but for simplicity, when you register content script for a specific url/domain/<all_urls>, it will automatically request those permissions for you.
But not in MV3 in Firefox 126 and lower.

Are you using Manifest V3?
If yes, try it in Firefox Nightly:

Note that if you are running Nightly on Android, you will likely need to use Nightly on the desktop for debugging.

The problem exists with the latest Firefox, Firefox Nightly, and Firefox Beta.

Please independently verify this extension’s “out-of-box” failure with a one-line JavaScript embedded in HTML. If it fails for you as well, I will pursue the problem with the extension developer.

I suspect the Mozilla organization is not testing the extensions it is offering for consumption by users.

You mean Inline JavaScript? That’s forbidden by CSP.

Also, I have totally misunderstood your original question/issue :slight_smile:, oops, I’m sorry about that.
So, there is actually addon called MobiDevTools and you are using some Eruda package on your page? This is most likely best to report to the author of that addon, sadly I can’t help :frowning:.