Modifying sorce code of installed add-ons

(Juraj Masiar) #1


One of the users of my add-on GroupSpeedDial has a problem that I was not able to reproduce so I asked him to send me console logs from background script and there I saw several lines like this one:

Firefox nedokáže vytvoriť pripojenie k serveru ws://  background.js:20:122

Translated to English - “Firefox cannot create connection to server ws:// background.js:20:122”.

Now the interesting part is that my production file “background.js” has only one line (so there cannot be error on line 20) and there is no Web-Socket in my whole add-on at all.

So the source code had to be modified. But is this even possible? And for what purpose?

(erosman) #2

No. It is often the case that the errors belong to another background.js

(Juraj Masiar) #3

Thank you.
You were right, I just received more information and indeed it belonged to another add-on (Internet Download Manager).