Monday Meeting - 2014-09-29


Monday September 29th, 2014 at 18:00 UTC (11AM Pacific)


Agenda and notes


  • Firefox at 10 years

  • Renew Firefox campaign

  • Mozilla Location Service - Look for a new, much improved Mozstumbler in Google Play Store in the coming weeks! Many, many community stumbling events in planning stages.

  • Firefox Accounts - FxA is available for Mozilla services. It’s not hard! Resources on MDN here.

  • Contribution Challenges: Firefox : Firefox 10, Firefox Growth, FXOS Local Content, FXOS in market Communications, FXOS + Webmaker, Titles.

  • New Vidyo Version.

  • Update on the MozID logo project

Congrats @chaasof, @bking and @senshu for being nominated as friends of the tree! Awesome Reps!
And Congrats to all mozillians from that category! Chapeau bas a tous!


Oh thanks @Ioana <3
thanks also @jennierose for her support :slight_smile:

Congrats to all other Mozillians who do a huge great work !