It was recommended to me that I install the addon
“MoreFunctionsForAddressBook”. I cannot find it. Please tell me where I
can get this addon, how to load/install it, and how to use it.

Thank you.


This is not the appropriate place for your question. This forum
is for discussing add-on development, not for end-user questions
about add-ons. You can get end-user Thunderbird help from .
Generally speaking, the Mozilla discord is for developers, not end

  Having said that, the add-on you are looking for is available

but please note that it is not compatible with the current version
of Thunderbird and the maintainer has indicated that he does not
plan to support it any longer, so it is unlikely to be updated
unless another developer takes over maintenance and releases a new


Jonathan Kamens

Sorry, I didn’t know. Sorry to waste your time. Thank you for the